Motivate September 2016

United Way Small Business Spotlight: 2 College Brothers

Written By: Mark Cuban

An Interview with Wade Swikle, President of 2 College Brothers

1. Tell us about your business; and what is your business philosophy?

College Brothers is a professional moving company that hires only motivated, hardworking college students and graduates as movers. From our appearance to our customer service, we take pride in putting a white collar spin on a blue collar industry. We are members of the American Moving and Storage Association and offer ongoing, industry-leading training both in a classroom and in a hands-on environment so that we can consistently ensure the simplest and highest-quality moving experience possible from each point of contact we make with our clients.

Because of our collegiate culture, we offer opportunities to mold future leaders and create a professional, entrepreneurial and team building experience within our organization. We believe in community involvement and ongoing charitable support to not only move people, but to move lives!

2. Why are you passionate about your commitment to United Way’s Community Investment Fund?

We feel that the United Way is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to as many parts of the community as possible. This community has given us so much that it only feels right to give back as much as we can. It is also one of the most unique charitable venues available, in that it reciprocates the support you give by connecting you with other leaders in the business community.

3. What is something interesting or surprising that most people don’t know about you?

Something most people don’t know about us is three times per year, we offer an eight-week leadership development program for our employees called our “Master’s Degree in Moving.” It serves as a sort of think tank for improving the company, but also teaches valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and leadership for aspiring entrepreneurs.

4. W hat would your older self tell your younger self?

That even though you think you do, you don’t know anything! Everyday should be a learning experience if you are doing the right things. If you ever stop learning, you have submitted to ignorance.

5. Favorite quote?

“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take it all away from you.”

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