Forty Under 40

Tracy Bachmann

Written By: Scott Costello

Name: Tracy Bachmann

Birthdate: 07/09/1976

Where were you born? Camp Pendleton California (USMC brat!)

What are your community activities? (church or faith-based involvement, local, regional and national professional organizations, non-profits, etc)  I am a chair person for United Church of Gainesville’s annual 2-day Rummage Sale that raises money for women and children-focused charities. PRO iNK donates pro bono work to the United Way of North Central Florida and to the Alachua County Senior Center. I have volunteered as a speaker for FPRA and the University of Florida. I have volunteered with the Innovation Gainesville initiative, and currently volunteer my time consulting start-ups as a Resident Partner at the Innovation Hub.

List any awards you have won for community service:

What is your definition of success? Firstly, finding fulfillment in something you love to do is key. Secondly, using your platform to make your community and world a better place is crucial. Doing these two things while maintaining your own health and wellness alongside that of your family and the recipe for success is complete!
What is your greatest professional accomplishment?  My greatest professional accomplishment is helping PRO iNK navigate the sometimes choppy technological and economic waters over the last eight years.
How do you exemplify the spirit of a Forty Under 40 professional?  I hustle – and laugh the whole time. Being a professional under 40 brings with it incredible responsibility and many complicating factors. Changing roles in the business place? Yes! Kids? Yes! Travel? Yes! Entrepreneurship? Yes! Like most of the successful professionals under 40 that I know, I work hard, with an enormous amount of grit, all the while maintaining a healthy sense of humor and a flexible mindset. I cannot imagine a more bananas, challenging, fulfilling and exciting time in life.

Businessperson who has most inspired you: That’s easy! My mentor and partner Terry Van Nortwick. She’s a pioneer for women in business. She has helped me define my goals, given me unconditional support and has modeled an unparalleled level of professionalism and integrity. I would not be who I am without her.

Best advise ever received: Say “Thank You.” Lead with kindness. Under-promise and over-produce.

Greatest professional challenge:   I have so many diverse interests and ideas. Deciding on which things to focus is always challenging.

First job: I started babysitting when I was 12, but my first “real job” was as a hostess at Fantastic Sams when I was 16. I’ve worked ever since, sometimes with as many as three jobs at a time.

What color crayon would you be? Why?  Silver. It’s so versatile. You can dress it up or down!

Favorite after-work drink:  The Smoked Old Fashioned at Dragonfly Sushi

If I had a magic wand, I’d:  Build an amazing facility near downtown for our homeless population that would house job training programs, mental health services and food and shelter services – and I’d make it happen NOW. (And then I’d fix the potholes on 16th Ave. near my house.)

What is your favorite Gadget?  Apple TV – I’m smitten.

How long have you been in Gainesville? Ten years!

What do you love most about Gainesville/Alachua County?  There are so many things I don’t know where to begin! I love how easy it is to live here. After years in Chicago, I still can’t get over the fact that I can drive across town during rush hour in less than twenty minutes! I also love how engaged our community is. People are plugged in – they really care about what happens here. We are great stewards of the environment but at the same time looking toward smart economic development. I think now, more than ever, is a great time to be in Gainesville!

Three things people would be surprised to know about you:  I have an unusual love for swinging a kettle bell. No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep a clean desk. I’m a minster’s wife.
Advice you would give a younger you:  I would have taught myself my current mantra: “You got this.” It took me 15 years in this business to say that to myself. It’s what I repeat to my three children every day.

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