Articulate July 2018

The Future is Now: Cox Paves Way for Smarter Homes, Businesses in Gainesville

Written By: Maureen Tartaglione, Cox Communications

It’s amazing how quickly technology evolves. It’s projected the average household will have 50 internet-enabled devices by the year 2020. The rapid increase in the availability of internet-enabled devices continues to make our lives easier and helps businesses run more efficiently. But what will it take to deliver the bandwidth necessary to power the future?

The backbone of technological advancement is a strong infrastructure. Cox Communications recently completed a $20 million project to enable every home in Gainesville with GIGABLAST, its premium 1-Gigabit internet service, over its fiber-rich network. This means Cox is staying ahead of customers’ growing demands, as residents were already able to use multiple internet-enabled devices simultaneously to stream, download and share. To demonstrate how much technology a Gigabit can handle, Cox decked out a newly constructed Fletcher Oaks home last year with 52 “smart” connected devices: home security monitoring, blogging, wireless crockpot cooking, distance learning, telemedicine appointments all occurred while robotic toy dogs and real dog treat dispensers operated simultaneously and seamlessly…on less than a third of a Gigabit of speed.

With deployment of Gigabit in Gainesville, Cox has ensured that the city is ready for what’s next. Cox made the commitment this year to offer Gigabit speeds to everyone – not just a select few neighborhoods. In spending the capital to connect virtually every home in the Gainesville area – whether or not the resident has Cox service – Cox has built a robust, inclusive network capable of providing the fastest residential speeds available anywhere in the country.

Cox continues to make significant upgrades that will provide the foundation for designing the New American City. Companywide, Cox will invest $10 billion in its network over the next five years, and it has earmarked $104 million for additional enhancements in Gainesville. This is especially notable because Cox is a private company, wholly owned and operated by the Cox family since 1898. That means the family assumes all the costs and risks of providing and expanding service.

Residents still have many options for choosing the level of service that best fits their use and budget to ensure that internet is affordable for all. Low-income families especially benefit from connecting and have access to high speed internet through Cox for $9.95 per month (more information is available at

As brilliant minds continue to invent the smart tools that will automate homes, businesses and cities in coming years, Gainesville residents will be able to activate and connect them to an infrastructure they have selected as “Best Internet Service Provider” for the last two years. Gainesville is and will continue to be well-positioned to fully benefit from, and be a part of, the Internet of Things.


Maureen Tartaglione is the Government and Community Affairs Manager for Cox. She oversees Cox’s charitable grants porgrams, which distribute up to $1 million in cash and in-kind serves annually to local nonprofits and serves on the boards of directors of the Rotary Foundation, United Way, Junior Achievement and the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. 

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