June 2015 The Fierce List

The Fierce List: Alisha Kinman

Written By: Erica Brown

Alisha Kinman, Director of Development & Cinema

Hippodrome Theatre

Alisha Kinman serves as the director of development and cinema at the Hippodrome Theatre, where she has spearheaded award-winning public relations and fundraising campaigns. Originally from Miami, Alisha was raised in Gainesville and received her Bachelor of Science in public relations from UF with a minor in communication studies. While attending the university, she acquired professional experience in the communications industry while working at Terry Hines & Associates — a full-service marketing agency serving all of the major motion picture studios — as well as the New York Times News Service and the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. After graduating from the university with honors, Alisha served as the communications and research manager for the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and Council for Economic Outreach. When she’s not at the office, Alisha enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures.

“Imagine how our culture, how our lives, will change when we begin valuing go-givers as much as we value go-getters.” – Arianna Huffington

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