July 2016 Motivate

The Company You Keep

Written By: Alison Paris

When I began my entrepreneurial career at the ripe age of 23, I received quite the variety of opinions shared and concerns raised. More often than not, I found myself receiving fear-based projections of others’ “lessons learned,” while a rare few offered notes of hope and encouragement.

Fast forward six years, and I can proudly say that we have done well, but dare I say that I made it here on my own. It is only to those I have surrounded myself with who I can offer credit, for credit will never be due to me and me alone.

“The undeniable reality is that how well you do in life and business depends not only on what you do and how you do it…but also on who is doing it with you or to you.” – DR. HENRY CLOUD

Surround yourself with:


Seek out community leaders who you admire. They don’t have to be in your industry to offer substantive guidance and support. The more diversity in mentors, the better.


There are so many entrepreneurs who need mentorship just like I did a few years ago. Find opportunities to offer your support and experience. Help them celebrate both the wins and the losses, because they are both equal learning opportunities.


I could write a book about this topic alone. These individuals are your special sauce. Make sure they are a unique variety of personalities who share your same values. They will help you achieve your goals and offer support, as you will undoubtedly make mistakes along the way.


Everyone deserves to have people in life to lift them up and encourage them. Lifters come from a place of abundance and gratitude. They lead by example and encourage you, even through the difficult times. Having people who serve a lifting role in both your entrepreneurial and personal lives is invaluable.

Weed out the Leaners.  

Take the time to manicure those who energetically drain you and your vision. Leaners often come from a place of scarcity and have a higher tendency to complain. Their primary mode is to “get” rather than to “give.”

Over the past few years, I have found myself surrounded by a small group of amazingly strong individuals who have offered a support network and friendship that I know will last for years to come. These relationships did not happen overnight — they require commitment, thoughtfulness and sometimes a bit of selflessness.

It is true sage advice that “you become the average of those you surround yourself with.” And yes, while it is a bit flowery and overused, I have found this attitude valuable well beyond the walls of entrepreneurship.



ALISON PARIS’ passion for managing the office with love and making everything run smoothly comes through in everything she does. She is extremely data oriented and loves to analyze both numbers and design. Her dazzling smile and efficient nature help keep Parisleaf running smoothly.

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