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Startup Profile: HaulBox

Written By: Erica Brown

Meet HaulBox, your infinite closet.

HaulBox, a new start-up based out of Gainesville’s Starter Space, has set out to solve the storage problem in Gainesville. HaulBox provides Gainesville locals with on-demand storage by the box that is affordable and convenient. By partnering with two local moving companies, 2 College Brothers and Smarter Moving Solutions, HaulBox is helping Gainesville students, health professionals and business owners save valuable space and money.

Items such as seasonal wardrobes, promotional materials and old paperwork can accumulate quickly and easily clutter a room or closet. HaulBox offers the solution to Gainesville’s storage needs.

Customers can request boxes through The boxes are then delivered to the customer’s doorstep at no charge. Customers pack each box and can document the items they store by using the complimentary inventory sheet provided with each box. By using an inventory sheet, customers can later request specific boxes for retrieval if they are not interested in retrieving everything.

Once customers pack their boxes, they can contact HaulBox to schedule a box pickup. HaulBox picks up the boxes for free and delivers them to a secure warehouse. These boxes are stored for a small monthly fee of $8.00 per box.

When a customer wants an item or box back, they simply request the box they want online. The first box is delivered to their doorstep for $10.00 and each additional box is $2.00. Once customers retrieve what they want, HaulBox delivers the box back to storage.

Haulbox is more than a storage company. HaulBox is convenience, affordability and security.

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