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  • Sarah Vidal-Finn

    Sarah Vidal Finn is the director of the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency. She leads a dynamic team of 12 professionals to create projects with other community partners. These projects are meant to stimulate economic growth. Finn has been responsible for projects such as but not limited to Depot Park, the Helyx Bridge, infill-housing in Fifth Avenue and Pleasant Street neighborhoods.

    Although Finn’s biggest “project” and accomplishment has been raising her daughter with her work being an investment for her daughter’s future. Her biggest impact, however big or small her role was in the process, has been Depot Park

    “What we did at the CRA was push for excellence with the design and construction of the park to make sure it honored the uniqueness that is Gainesville,” Finn said. “Being part of such a thoughtful team and being on the other side of the Park opening has been an amazing journey.”

    Nelson Mandela, a man driven by his convictions, inspires her to do the same. Finn is also passionate about sexual assault advocacy; she has served as both a rape crisis center hotline volunteer in Washington D.C. and completed a short stint on the board of the Alachua County’s local crisis center.