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  • Rod Whited

    Rod Whited is the Managing Director of Northwestern Mutual and the Chair of the Lemon Ball of Gainesville. As managing director, he oversees all the aspects of their Gainesville firm. After receiving a football scholarship at the University of Florida, he’s since excelled in his career. He wears multiple hats as both a player and a coach. He’s a certified financial planner who manages 800 personal clients while managing a firm of almost 30.
    ” I continually strive to be a better version of myself each day I wake up. Focus on winning each day. Being a good father to my son RJ and a great Managing Director to my firm,” Whited said.
    Whited is also the chair of the Lemon Ball, a charity for pediatric cancer. In the second year after its inception, the organization has raised $100,00. His aspiration to live a life of significance inspired him to start the Lemon Ball of Gainesville.
    “I’m passionate about finding cure for cancer. Seeing a kid that is sick breaks my heart. No child should have to deal with the horrible effects of cancer,” “Success to me is derived when you focus on helping others and making them better from knowing you. Give without expectations,” Whited said.