Robert Woody

Written By: Sophia Karnegis

rwIMPACT Profile
Robert L. Woody has been a resident of Alachua County for well over 50 years and has been very active in the community. During his time as chairman of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, he established the law enforcement committee and worked to increase minority membership. In this role, he recruited the first African American to serve as executive director of the chamber. Woody has also served as the chairman of the Santa Fe College District Board of Trustees. In this role, he helped create the Santa Fe Community College Minority Scholarship fund. The fund has raised $1.9 million to educate minority students in the community. Moreover, Woody currently volunteers with Plum Creek to assist in the economic development of Alachua County; this includes the creation of jobs, housing opportunities and sustainable commercial development.

Greatest IMPACT
Woody believes his greatest accomplishments come from his time serving on the board of trustees at Santa Fe Community College and the board of directors for the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. He feels these positions allowed him to positively impact the community.

IMPACT Passion
Woody has worked in criminal justice for 36 years, but he is most passionate about helping others.

IMPACT Expectations
In regards to economic development, Woody is most excited about the growing partnership between the business sector and the local government. He expects this collaborative atmosphere to continue growing.

Surprise IMPACT
Woody was a phenomenal baseball player throughout his high school and college years, with a batting average of 372. While playing in a youth league at the age of 14, he hit a homerun in a major league field.


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