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  • Officer Bobby White

    Bobby White is a patrol officer with the Gainesville Police Department and founder of the Basketball Cop Foundation, a nonprofit organization that builds positive relationships between the local law enforcement and the youth in the community. White’s role is run the day to day operations of the foundation.
    “I believe that we are making a huge impact on how kids across the nation view the police. Every healthy relationship is founded on trust,” White said. “The relationship between the police and their community is an important one. We have definitely had a positive impact on that relationship.”
    White looks up to Shaquille O’Neal for always remembering his roots, and as a police officer, he tries to be open minded and understanding. White notes that he is proud of overcoming a challenging childhood. Today he tries to live like a person he would have wanted to have in his life.
    “I am passionate about treating people equally and fairly,” White said. “I tried to make myself heard through my actions, on and off the job.”