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New Designs, Increased Productivity

Written By: Savannah Edgens

You may think you know what a typical office setting looks like, but check out some of these photos from the Gainesville area. Local businesses are changing the way their office spaces are designed by focusing more on ergonomics, employee interactions and style. While these businesses, ultimately, have different messages and goals, they all promote warm and inviting environments for their work. Whether it’s playing games and tossing a beach ball around at Digital Brands creating new ways or improving decision-making processes at Parisleaf, these businesses have found ways to promote their brands by catering to unique individuals and styles to help them. The business world is definitely evolving, and these unique office spaces are becoming the new norm; out with the old and in with the new.


A branding, web and print design agency specializing in environmental projects to help the planet and its people. The wooden tables and chairs provide an earthy feel to the office, which correlates with its environmental message. The industrial atmosphere gives it a bit of a minimalistic vibe, which is consistent with conservation management.

One Sixty Over Ninety

A branding and creative agency that originates out of Philadelphia. It holds an office in Philadelphia, Newport Beach, and Gainesville (right next to Boca Fiesta downtown). The company represents huge name brands such as Under Armor, Nike, Mercedes, New York Jets, the Florida Gators, and many more. The office space features inside office areas, as well as an outdoor patio area that is perfect for grilling. The exposed brick inside gives this office space hipster originality, and it provides a casual work environment for the Gainesville office. The wood and brick features give a modern feel to the space by making it a warm and inviting place to work.


Digital Brands

A company in downtown Gainesville that creates websites for other companies that need that extra boost to their business. The office creates a casual and fun work environment by providing couches and games for employees. This adds to the branding of the business as a tech-oriented group, and it shows that its professionals work together as a team.



The Agency

A public relations and advertising company run by University of Florida students and faculty. Its goal is to provide UF journalism students job experience, and it provides mentorships from UF faculty. The team represents real companies such as McDonalds and Best Buy. Sitting right in the middle of the Journalism and Comminutions College, it provides an innovative and invigorating atmosphere to work.  The exposed brick in the space provides a warm atmosphere, and the booth style seating allows closer interaction. The office space is modern, which is perfect for the millennials working in The Agency. The large window in the College of Journalism and Communications creates an inviting mood for the Agency and allows prospective students to see inside at what they might be missing.


A marketing company started in the heart of the innovation district in Gainesville, Florida. Its goal is to provide powerful and affordable marketing solutions for businesses everywhere. Not only does the team focus on marketing strategies for business, but they are also very involved in the community. The team has partnered with Creek Clean-up and Noah’s Endeavour. The modern architecture and office set up add to the cutting-edge feel SharpSpring promotes. The open concept at SharpSpring accommodates for future employees, and it allows the company to grow.  The glass surrounding most of the office space makes the area bright and inviting. The concrete floors and steel beams create a minimalist feeling that is softened by the wood features in the office.


SAVANNAH EDGENS is a journalism senior at the University of Florida. While her interests vary from politics to entertainment, she is best known among her friends for her ability to quote movies. When she’s not writing, Savannah enjoys a good book or movie and a cup of coffee.

Photography Provided by Parisleaf, One Sixty over Ninety, Digital Brands, the Agency and SharpSpring

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