• Margarita Purvis

    Margarita Purvis

    Enterprise Sales Executive, Cox Business

    A Gator through and through, Margarita Purvis has worked to support businesses in central Florida with internet, phone and cable services as the Enterprise Sales Executive at Cox Business and the organizations’ Charities Chairperson since 2016. Purvis is motivated daily by her desire to make a difference. She credits her fierceness to resilience, grit, staying true to her core values and having a voice and knowing when to use it.

    “Be kind to everyone, work hard, be respectful, own mistakes and never be a doormat,” said Purvis. “Eventually it builds a strong reputation of a great person doing a great job who happens to be a fierce woman!”


    What does it mean to be Fierce?

    Resilience mixed a little grit. Staying true to my core values. Having a voice and knowing when to use it.

    What does success, achievement and accomplishment mean to you?

    It means that all the sacrifices my parents made for me were worth it! I’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation. Now that I’m older, having long-term relationships with so many wonderful people make my life richer every day.

    What motivates you in the morning?

    The desire to make a difference. Businesses today can acquire technology from anywhere. When a business owner, who is brilliant in his/her own industry, trusts me to guide them through the labyrinth of technology options, and then I get to witness the impact to their staff and clients – that is the best!

    What or who is inspiring you right now? Why?

    I get my inspiration from my parents. Both migrated to this country, became citizens and successful entrepreneurs and business owners. They also just celebrated their 54th anniversary. Dad is fighting a health battle right now. I talk to them every day, and every day they inspire me.

    What was the best decision you’ve made? What’s the worst?

    Best decision: To say yes to my husband 18 years ago when he asked me to marry him. Worst decision: Waiting too long to quit a job when it had long become toxic, just because I was comfortable and loyal to a fault.

    What has been your biggest obstacle and how have you overcome it?

    Being judged unfairly. More times than I can count, I’ve been called “too aggressive.” I’ve overcome this time and again by simply being myself and letting my actions and words prove who I am. My work is very personal to me. I don’t have children, so my clients are my babies. I advocate for them and what is in their best interest first and always. At the same time, I am not afraid to speak up when it’s the right thing to do.

    How do you address negativity in your life and in business?

    In business, the first thing I do is to make sure the client is a good fit for our company and our services. Otherwise, I’ll simply guide them to a solution that is better suited their business. In my personal life I address negativity head-on. Talk it out. Figure it out. At a minimum agree to disagree. And if that doesn’t work – I let them go.

    Is there a particular instance or occurrence that you credit for building your confidence and self-esteem?

    Singing! I competed throughout high school in various groups. Then I performed singing telegrams for about 8 years. Surprising folks for their birthdays, anniversaries or festivities in crazy costumes singing a cappella at the top of my lungs was a great confidence builder!

    How do you empower other women?

    Every day. Every conversation with a woman is about lifting her up. We gals have to be cheerleaders for each other. So many women feel the need to tear down other women. I don’t understand that at all. ABC – Always Be Cheering!

    What change do you want to see in your industry?

    More women in leadership positions. Equal pay.

    Do you have any advice for young women as they try to achieve their goals?

    Surround yourself with people that inspire you, that want the best for you, that will tell you the truth. Get the negative people and situations out as fast as you can.

    What do you want to be remembered for?

    Being a great friend. For telling my friends/family I love them every time we chat.

    How do you defy the current stereotypes, stigmas and double standards that women have today?

    Being kind to everyone. Working hard. Being respectful. Owning my mistakes. Not ever being a doormat! Eventually it builds a strong reputation, of a great person doing a great job, who happens to be a fierce woman!