Innovate November 2018

Local Nonprofit Makes Mega Impact for Mega Change

Written By: Lydia Bogans

Mega Social Enterprise is a non-profit social enterprise established to make a big impact and bring big change by providing vocational rehabilitation resources and services to youth and adults throughout the state of Florida.
In addition, our enterprise creates economic opportunities, raises capital and offers services and programs to address social problems, improve self-sufficiency, enhance communities and companies and protect the environment.

I started Mega Social Enterprise in the summer of 2017 through partnerships with the Florida Department of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation, employers, community providers, schools and more. I started programs in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Central Florida and the Panhandle.

There are so many people who need our services.

As an educator and counselor for more than a decade, I noticed, repeatedly, the number of youth, adults and families that were experiencing barriers with their basic and psychological needs and how these barriers affected not only their self-fulfillment but also their lifespan. When presented with this opportunity, our team of educators, social workers, employers, health care professionals and community and faith-based leaders thought it was an effective avenue to tackle those barriers. For this reason, we are committed to helping all people, such as those with disabilities, at-risk youth, single parents, veterans and seniors to build or rebuild careers, dreams and lives for today, tomorrow, and their entire lives. They are considered lifetime members of our organization and we are their network of professionals to provide that person-centered care.

More than 400 youth and adults have successfully completed the Mega Social Enterprise pre-employment training certification. Many have obtained jobs with Walmart, Amazon, retail stores, restaurants and other workplaces.

In addition, our vocational/career readiness services aim to improve employability, self-sufficiency, and life skills. Our services include:

  1. Florida Ready to Work Program, Florida Self-Advocates Network (FL SAND), Career-Counseling, Supported Employment, Vocational Evaluations and Pre-Employment Training Services.
  2. Work Based Learning Experiences, Business Technical Assistance and Consultation (Entrepreneurship), Financial Planning, Work Incentive, Planning and Assistance.

More than 400 youth and adults have successfully completed our pre-employment training certification. Many have obtained jobs with Walmart, Amazon, retail stores, restaurants, and other workplaces.

Mega Social is gearing up to create even more of an impact because our team has recently been invited to attend the signing of the new United States’ Pledge to America’s Workers with President Trump and Governor Scott. We have pledged to train 5,000 people during the next five years and are looking to increase staffing, funding, partnerships and resources to invest in the lives of our citizens to create a better future. We invite volunteers, small-business owners, corporations, community providers and leaders from all over to contact us and learn how they can support or join us.

For more information, contact Lydia Bogans, 
Executive Director of MEGA Social Enterprise Inc.
(352) 877-4666 – Office    (352) 577-9731 – Work Cell
[email protected]

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