Lem Purcell

Written By: Yesi Sevilla

lpIMPACT Profile
Purcell has been a longtime supporter of the Child Advocacy Center, which affords him the opportunity to address what he sees as the single greatest insult and threat to the human condition and its future. The work performed by the CAC is incremental and largely unseen, yet over the course of one year, the organization will serve thousands of child victims and their non-offending caregivers. Purcell also works with many other organizations such as Stop! Children’s Cancer, Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure, the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House.

Greatest IMPACT
Purcell and his wife have raised an extraordinarily brave, kind and gentle little girl who he says is better than him in every way.

IMPACT Passion
Ensuring that every child has the same upbringing and opportunities he has is one of Purcell’s passions, and he feels he must pay it forward whenever he can. Another passion is to practice being kind and listening without prejudice — something Purcell has worked on when given the opportunity to collaborate with others.

IMPACT Expectations
Purcell is most impressed with the way Greater Gainesville is weaving philanthropy and genuine concern for social problems into the fabric of the community. This gives him hope that the area will emerge as a model of both innovation and compassion.

Surprise IMPACT
Surprisingly, Purcell describes himself as fundamentally shy. He is grateful to have met a girl in college who thought it was cute and helped him overcome it — of course he married her!


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