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  • Lauren Douglass

    Lauren Douglass is the president and co-founder of What’s Happening Promotions, a branding company that provides creative expertise to its clients. Douglass’s role allows her team members the opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills. In collaboration with community partners, Douglass has also contributed to the development of radKIDS, a safety-based curriculum, which educates elementary-aged children to make decisions and problem-solve during a crisis. Drills, conversations and empowerment skills are taught through self-worth and cover all topics that can harm a child.

    “I hold a vision where all our community’s children can learn what to do when someone or something is threatening their well-being,” Douglass said.

    Douglass personally cites Elon Musk as someone who’s shown how a vision can change the world. During her time at U.F., Douglass was awarded an International Golden Key Honour Society induction and has since built a network of companies, investments and a family in order to build leaders, empower others and bring her vision to life.

    “Showing up in the world matters and it is to others that we can make a difference as a friend, family member or community participant,” Douglass said. “Creating a life with meaning and purpose has been my greatest accomplishment.”