September 2016 Special Section

Johnson and Fletcher Insurance and Management Solutions

Written By: Diane Nunez

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that an average of 589,000 businesses are formed every year, with only 23 percent of them making it to the second year mark. At Johnson & Fletcher, Doug Johnson and Hanan Nemeth work tirelessly to ensure that this is not the case for their clients. “Meeting high standards, recruiting, and employee relations, while seeing a successful return on investment are all crucial aspects in making sure a business is successful. “Many companies lack proper knowledge on how to protect themselves,” said Doug Johnson, CEO of Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions.

At Johnson & Fletcher, they devote themselves to businesses they take on and take pride in being able to offer their clients unparalleled expertise in everything from business management and company restructuring, to the entire life cycle of an employee (i.e. recruiting, performance-based incentives, and terminations).

“What makes us different is that we are available at any time, 24-7,” Nemeth, COO, said. “If there is an issue that arises and your business is involved, regardless of the time, you can call us and we will be there to help you every step of the way.” As COO, Nemeth brings with her an experience in working with Fortune 100 companies and Mental Health counseling expertise which, among other things, enables Johnson & Fletcher a unique perspective in understanding, partnering, managing, and assisting companies of all sizes regarding not only HR, but Management, Payroll Services, and the entire Life Cycle of the employee.

Originally an insurance firm, J&F have expanded their business over 38 years to encompass businesses at the local, state, and national level. The team of advisors at Johnson & Fletcher know the ins and outs of managing and developing a successful company and they work to ensure that you and your business have all the tools necessary to succeed. Experienced consultants like Doug and Hanan easily command $200 an hour, but J&F wraps all their knowledge into an affordable offering.

As a full-service management solution company, Johnson & Fletcher believe that a strong business rests on the shoulders of a strong Human Resource department.

“Most business owners may feel that having an HR team is non-crucial and a non-revenue producing burden that may drain their bottom line,” Johnson said. “Now businesses can opt for a management consultation firm, which offers the same benefits as an in-house human resource team, but works off-site at a more affordable rate.” For clients of Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions “we believe that the only thing separating a struggling business from a thriving business is receiving the right advice at the right time,” Hanan Nemeth said.

“We pride ourselves in being able to understand each business we serve, from their mission statement, their product, to their people,” said Nemeth. “We learn their company culture and imbed ourselves in order to walk a mile in their shoes. In the words of Doug, we quarterback each game, study the play book, at times throw audibles; whatever it takes because we are just as invested in their success as they are. When they succeed we succeed.”


DIANE NUÑEZ is a 4th year journalism student, traveling, make-up, and photography junkie. If she’s not out looking for creative inspiration, she’s probably at home watching Game of Thrones, planning her next adventure.

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