John Pastore

Written By: Sophia Karnegis

jpIMPACT Profile
When he co-founded Crime Prevention Security Systems with his wife, Randi Elrad, over 40 years ago, John Pastore made the community a safer place to live. By creating the business, Pastore created many jobs in the Greater Gainesville area. He has also fostered an environment of entrepreneurship within his company. In fact, many of his former employees have left to start their own businesses, something Pastore encourages and is extremely proud of. Additionally, he has been very involved with local service-oriented organizations such as Alachua County’s Boys and Girls Club and Tyler’s Hope. As a businessman, Pastore enjoys contributing to the community by investing “time, energy and resources to charitable organizations.”

Greatest IMPACT
Pastore believes his greatest impact on the community stems from his business and its mission: to keep homes and businesses secure and safe. Crime Prevention Security Systems protects over 60,000 families and businesses throughout Florida and Georgia.

IMPACT Passion
Pastore is incredibly passionate about a variety of things, but family, security and technology make the top of his list.

IMPACT Expectations
According to Pastore, Gainesville residents should expect great advancements within the business community. First, the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce has worked to create businesses with high-paying jobs. Second, the residential and commercial building construction industry continues to grow.

Surprise IMPACT
Before his involvement in the security business, Pastore was a microbiologist. He conducted research on rheumatoid arthritis at Shands and the VA Hospital. His interest in the disease resulted from a brief period of time when he trained to become a horse jockey.

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