John Hartnett

Written By: Yesi Sevilla

jhIMPACT Profile
Hartnett has dedicated his efforts to impact the community through manufacturing, municipal growth and education. He is involved with over 16 organizations including the Florida International Business Council, Newberry Jonesville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure and Junior Achievement Board of Directors. As the City of Newberry Economic Development Sub-Committee Chair of Education and Training, Hartnett helped to create the Academy of Robotics & Engineering at Loften High School that will make its premiere in 2016. He was instrumental in the development of a robust economic plan for the City of Newberry, and he continues to be a strong advocate for international trade promotion in the Greater Gainesville area.

Greatest IMPACT
Earlier this year, the White House Business Council convened to discuss the future of global trade and international policy. Hartnett participated as a voice of small business in Florida, specifically North Central Florida. Other attendees included U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and other members of the White House staff.

IMPACT Passion
Hartnett is passionate about raising the quality of life for everyone in the Greater Gainesville area and dedicates almost all of his free time to connecting groups and economic development causes.

IMPACT Expectations
The Greater Gainesville area is on the cusp of growing dramatically, says Hartnett. He feels that there is a true sense of community with so many businesses working together, plus a spirit of innovation and collaboration.

Surprise IMPACT
Hartnett says traveling abroad always recharges his batteries and refocuses his energy onto bringing global perspectives back to the community. He also says he has learned many life lessons from Calvin and Hobbes.

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