Joe Cirulli

Written By: Yesi Sevilla

jcIMPACT Profile
Cirulli feels his company’s sole purpose is to inspire the entire community through multiple programs ranging from free teen memberships in the summertime to working with disabled children and cancer patients. He is committed to reaching out to the business community to discuss health promotion, motivation and business practices. Cirulli serves on the Junior Achievement board and supports dozens of other organizations. GHFC has invested millions of dollars in local facilities and provides hundreds of local jobs.

Greatest IMPACT
Impacting the health of thousands of people has driven Cirulli, yet the most inspiring moments came from watching his father, who had recently survived a stroke, work hard mentally and physically during rehabilitation at the center. Cirulli says that he is beyond happy to be there for his father.

IMPACT Passion
Cirulli’s passion lies in helping people realize all of the potential they have inside, helping people keep moving forward regardless of obstacles, and helping them reach their health and fitness goals. This is a message he has shared and will continue to share all over the world.

IMPACT Expectations
After watching the Greater Gainesville area grow for decades, Cirulli is excited about the direction the community is taking with all of the new developments, and he is excited about continuing to grow with it.

Surprise IMPACT
Growing up with middle-class values, Cirulli was one of seven children and feels that no degree of success can take those values from him. His mother was a nurse and his father was in the military, and they have always been a source of inspiration for him.

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