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  • Jerome Reed

    Jerome Reed is the co-founder of R.A.W.E. Recruits: Reaching Athletes with Education alongside best friend, Wilk Merant. His role runs the gamut from filming, editing, photography interviewing, social media, organization, writing and community outreach.

    Reed, born in New York, but raised in Mount Dora, Florida, found a role model in Jay-Z because of his business savvy, his loyalty to family and most importantly his dedication to perfecting his craft. Reed’s craft is dedicated to motivating the next generation to never compromise in pursuit of their goals, and build R.A.W.E. to brand new heights.

    “We are most heard when we decide not to shy away from those moments of speaking or engaging with another. Every time I enter a gym, a practice, a meeting, I remind people of what we stand for and how we can hit the next level, together.”

    While Reed noted a positive response from kids and their families and other county coaches, he realizes that the true impact is every time the kids light up once they walk in with their cameras or when the kids tell them about a good grade they got on a test.

    “We’re still creating the impact,” Reed said. “We’ve only just begun.”