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  • Jane Muir

    Jane Muir has had an illustrious 25-year career at UF where she’s held positions involved with transitioning research discoveries from the laboratory to products in the marketplace where they have made a difference in people’s lives. As associate director of the UF Office of Technology Licensing, she’s helped create almost 200 companies in turn creating thousands of jobs locally and elsewhere.

    In 2010, Muir was the primary investigator on an $8.2 million grant awarded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to build the Innovation Hub. After only 3 ½ years, the 50,000 sq. ft. facility was at capacity, which led to a second proposal that won another $8 million grant doubling the size of the facility.

    Muir, a proponent for advancing the role of women in technology, Muir has created entrepreneurial training programs like Startup Quest and Empowering Women in Technology Startups. Naturally, Michelle Obama is a role model for as she empowers others in the community.

    “I’m hoping that the biggest impact will be helping our community become recognized as one that has taken deliberate steps to ensure women, who make up half of our workforce, are given the same opportunities as their male counterparts to assume leadership roles in our entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as all other facets of the workforce,” Muir said.