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  • James Coats

    James Coats is the CEO and head of Applied Sciences at Phalanx Defense Systems where science integrates innovation with lifesaving equipment. When he’s not pushing the boundaries in his field, he’s suiting up as Batman. Coats started a philanthropy division called Superheroes for Hope, in which Coats provides scholarships, mentoring and jobs to the community, specifically the youth.

    “We look at our community as an extension of our family. Children are our only true natural resource and we have to invest in them and guide them as they grow.”

    Coats looks up to another imaginative trailblazer, Walt Disney, for his persistence, vision and sheer determination. In order to make his visions a reality, Coats doesn’t waste time. Last year, his organization distributed 500 gifts to people in the area with no strings attached.

    “I use my love of superheroes to gain attention toward the cause of helping children and others. Who wouldn’t want to talk to a guy who has a few batmobiles,” Coats said.