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Having an Open Mind is Key for Both Job Applicants and Employers

Written By: Carolynn Buchanan

As a staffing agency, our job at Temp Force is to be successful in matching up our job seekers with the best possible opportunities. We work to help our applicants discover their potential and introduce them
to job opportunities that they may not realize are available.

We also work with our employers to help discover the skill sets and talent within the applicant base – to help them think outside the box and realize applicants’ potential with quality training.

Many job seekers do not realize the earning potential and job security available to them in opportunities within the manufacturing and skilled-trades community. They have a certain perspective of what kind of job they would like, and they are not aware of just how many options are available to them that offer unique opportunities and training.

Helping young applicants who are new to the job market recognize their gifts and talents and the opportunities to work in “hands-on” manufacturing environments is one of our areas of success. We consider our company a launching pad for folks who are just entering the workforce, for those who are looking to make a career change or for those who have been raising a family and are ready to get back into the workforce.

Many employers are willing to train new hires who come to the workplace with a good attitude and a mindset to learn.

Blue Collar Bounty

Greater Gainesville has an abundance of blue-collar opportunities that pay well, offer good benefits and can provide long-term careers. Opportunities are available for electronic technicians, assembly technicians, HVAC mechanics, welders, mechanic technicians, carpenters, electricians, machinists and many other trade skills. There is also a growing need for talent to train in the biotech manufacturing industry.

These are all great opportunities, with many of the employers willing to train candidates who are mechanically inclined and have good hand-eye coordination, basic computer skills, are dependable, are willing to learn and have a strong work ethic.

The light industrial plants here are clean environments, and the work is stimulating, with an emphasis on good comprehension and learning opportunities.

Santa Fe College offers opportunities to learn building trades, including carpentry, plumbing welding and heating and air conditioning. These are jobs that offer a good earning potential while training, and a substantial living once you have mastered the skills. 

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