Forty Under 40

Forty Under 40 Quote

Written By: Erica Brown

Gina Ferrara, vice president, LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.


What advice would you offer an entrepreneur starting out in the Alachua County community?

 “My husband and I co-founded our company, LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning and Heating, in Alachua County several years ago. We remember all too well the challenges we faced starting a business from scratch. New entrepreneurs often ask us this question, which is why I chose to answer it. The advice I offer to entrepreneurs starting out today in our community is three-fold:

(1) Write your vision down and review it daily; be patient, and don’t deviate from it.

(2) Stay out of debt; live modestly so you can re-invest into your business.

(3) Look for opportunities to use your gifts and resources genuinely to help other people and local businesses. It’s an opportunity to invest in your community while showcasing your value, which will in turn pay dividends.”



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