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  • Donavan Arnold



    Donavan Arnold is the founder and co-owner of Our Town Realty Group, specializing in maximizing the property value for residential sellers. He is currently on the board for Partnership for Strong Families and the chair for the Government and Community Relations Committee.

    Family is an important cornerstone of Arnold’s life, and he’s pushing his career in that direction.  After taking in and raising his two nephews, Arnold is passionate about bringing more attention to helping neglected, abused and abandoned children in the community from donating school supplies to wrapping Christmas gifts to fundraising throughout the year.

    Arnold admires Gary Vaynerchuk, an American entrepreneur and speaker, for his level of focus and dedication, and it’s a quality he prioritizes in his approach to work.

    “Everyone is so busy and distracted nowadays, but when I am able to arrange a tour or a visit and get people face to face with a significant need, it has a huge impact,” Arnold said. “Sometimes we just do not realize there could be such a great need in our own backyard and that the solution could be there as well.”