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  • Davis Rembert

    Davis Rembert, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, father and grandfather, has been a major pillar of the community. Born and raised in Gainesville, Rembert has seen Gainesville grow over the years and contributed to its growth. Spontaneous, driven and filled with boundless generosity, Rembert has led a successful career as a business owner. In 1972, Rembert returned to Gainesville where he became the owner of United Fuels Corporation and in 1981, Rembert started Sprint Food Stores. In 2013, Rembert converted his family’s barn into a recreational venue for various events.

    “If you don’t try you don’t succeed,” Rembert said. “People are hesitant to try, but I’m just fortunate.”

    Inspired by some of Gainesville’s most influential people growing up, Rembert has taken on several leadership positions on organizational boards. He has served on the Shands board of directors, he’s been president of the Rotary Club and president of the Chamber of Commerce.

    “I learned to be involved in the community, and the community would give back to you,” Rembert said.

    However, Rembert derives the most fulfillment from his ability to give back to the Gainesville community. He and his wife, Judi Rembert, have given donations to local institutions such as UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital and they have continued to support community nonprofits through their Davis Family Foundation. Davis looks up to his late wife, Judi, for her attention to detail, her charisma and compassion. Together they have helped create a bigger and better Gainesville for all.