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City Commission Approves Limited City-Hall Service on Fridays

Written By: Chris Eversole

The Gainesville City Commission voted on Thursday (August 20) to keep city hall open – on a limited basis – on Fridays.

City hall has been closed on Fridays since late 2008, when the city implemented a four-day work week. The shortened work week saved tens of thousands of dollars on utilities, officials said.

Mayor Ed Braddy and some commissioners have called for a return of the five-day work week in order to better serve citizens.

Their efforts resulted in building offices in the Thomas Center being opened with limited staff beginning Oct. 1, the start of the current fiscal year.

The commission’s vote Thursday would keep the four-day work week for most employees while having an information desk, a cashier to accept ticket payments and some staff in departments available on Fridays.

A July survey of city employees show that 66 percent favored working the current four 10-hour days.

Braddy said that the city should put more emphasis on customer service than on accommodating employees.

“When casual Friday begins on Thursday, you’re compressing your most productive work into three days,” he said. “Many organizations have good morale and yet work five-day weeks.”

He said he would continue to push for a return to the five-day work week as the norm as part of the efforts under the Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee on Economic Competitiveness, which is finalizing its work.

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