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  • Chief Tony Jones

    Tony Jones is a retired Gainesville Police Department Captain, now currently serving as the Chief of Police for the Gainesville Police Department. Jones has had an extensive 33-year career in law enforcement starting out as a police officer in 1975. After going through a series of promotions, Jones has served the GPD in a number of capacities ranging from Corporal to Sergeant. Jones is now going into his ninth year as chief.

    The chief has been a vital liaison between the community and its law enforcement by forging healthy and positive relationships through community partnerships and local initiatives. Jones has made a point to facilitate communication and keep an open, transparent conversation with Gainesville residents.

    “You can’t stay insulated in this office and expect that people will give you reports. You have to get out and you have to be proactive,” Jones said.

    The chief is passionate about youth outreach, co-founding the Reichert House Youth Academy, a program that serves at-risk youths ages 12 to 18. He’s also participated in several programs such as Heat Wave a summer basketball program that builds characters and teaches life skills to teens.

    “I would never claim ‘I’, because it’s a ‘we’ type thing,” Jones said. “When I say ‘we’ I don’t say only officers internally but the community as well.”