On the Go

CEO on the GO

Written By: Erica Brown

Jay CurtisJay Curtis, aeronautical engineer, University Air Center


1.) What is your favorite on-the-go food?

            – Jimmy John’s


2.) What is your favorite drink?



3.) Favorite hotel to stay in while on business?

– Embassy Suites


4.) Favorite place to vacation?

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


5.) What is your favorite travel song?

“Sinnerman” by Nina Simone


6.) Favorite book or magazine to read?

Golf Digest


7.) Travel bag of choice?

Samsonite carry-on bag with wheels (no bag check required)


8.) Favorite travel outfit?

I like to be comfortable while traveling — jeans and a polo shirt.


9.) Favorite restaurant?

Embers Wood Grill in Gainesville, Florida


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