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  • Carol Bosshardt

    Carol Bosshardt is the CEO/Owner of Bosshardt Realty Services Bosshardt Property Management. Bosshardt takes pride in being a leading female business owner for over the past 30 years.

    “I fought many battles merely because I am a woman-owned business. In this societal structure I was able to start, build and continue to grow this ‘hyper mart’ of real estate-related services.”

    She has successfully introduced several new practices to the table whether it be diversifying her real estate or building two successful community banks. Having experienced discrimination and unfair treatment throughout her career, she prioritizes honesty and integrity. She seeks to stand up for others and aims to trail blaze a path for women in this field. She admires Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, for his competitive edge and ingenuity. Bosshardt is motivated to learn new techniques and tactics to remain in the lead not unlike this airline mogul.

    “All that I am and what I have gone through to achieve this defines me today,” Bosshardt said. “I believe that I am very humble, and I try to give everyone a chance that I come across to be successful.”