Brian Da Frota

Written By: Yesi Sevilla

bdIMPACT Profile
Da Frota has been a startup powerhouse in our community and has helped to establish Gainesville as a location center in the unmanned aircraft/drone industry. He is actively participating in national advocacy groups on the future of drone laws at a state and national level, thus making Gainesville and what is being accomplished here a part of the national conversation. Da Frota, who serves on the boards of at least three industry-specific organizations, is also involved in supporting CareerSource Florida, Meridian Behavioral Health, Dance Alive National Ballet, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Advanced Manufacturing Council, G3-Gainesville Triathlon Club and the Youth Combine.

Greatest IMPACT
To date, Da Frota believes his greatest accomplishment was the creation of Prioria. He and his co-founder started the company over 12 years ago and began slowly building it up, creating jobs and participating in the redevelopment of the power district along the way.

IMPACT Passion
Every opportunity to do the little things that can make his family, his business, his community, and the world a little better inspire Da Frota to contribute and make a meaningful impact.

IMPACT Expectations
Da Frota is most excited about our community’s intention to be something greater, to work together and write the next chapter on its innovation economy. He sees evidence of this in the efforts of Innovation Gainesville, the success of the Innovation Hub and the revitalization of the surrounding areas.

Surprise IMPACT
For the past several years, Da Frota has been training for triathlons and participating in races around the state. In April 2015, he completed his first Olympic distance triathlon.

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