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B&D Electric: Prioritizing Customers Experience by Delivering Exceptional Service

Written By: Magen Brubaker

“We promise our clients that at the time we’re working with them we want them to feel like they’re our number one customer. We make sure that we promise them fast service, affordable service and we make sure it’s done right the first time.” – Bo Dudley

Behind every great business is the mentality that customers are the number one priority. B&D Electric aims to set the standard and deliver exceptional customer service, treating each and every customer like they are the only one.

Driving toward excellence and putting in hard work for over 18 years, B&D Electric sets the bar high for themselves.  Serving North Central Florida in Gainesville, Lake City and Ocala with plans of expanding to surrounding areas, no job is too big or too small, from changing out lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, to installing generators and complete home rewires.

Bo Dudley, owner of B&D Electric, runs his business with customer satisfaction as the primary goal. B&D prides itself on promptness while providing a variety of electrical contracting services for both commercial and residential customers.

“Daily, we get calls from our customers: ‘I’ve called five electricians and you’re the first one that’s responded.’ And that’s just one thing we really strive for: to give our customers the best possible service that we can,” Dudley said. “When we set appointments, we keep those appointments. We make sure our technicians are on time; when you call us, you will get a return phone call.”

Commercial construction projects have been the bread and butter for B&D for the past 18 years, but growth has always been a key consideration for Dudley.  While B&D continues to serve general contractors with different construction projects in the area, launching their service division was a notable accomplishment for Dudley and for the customers needing such services.

“With our new service department that we started about 18 months ago, we geared it to work that if someone needs an electrician, and needs them quickly, we can respond in most cases within 24 hours. If it’s an emergency we can provide same day service,” Dudley said.

Gainesville Harley-Davidson is one of B&D Electric’s commercial service clients. With various lighting needs for their showroom, Kevin Lytle, owner of Gainesville Harley-Davidson, knows he can rely on B&D.

“Delivering an amazing showroom experience for our customers and efficient work space for our employees has many electrical aspects like proper lighting, wiring, data lines and quick repairs when needed,” said Lytle. “B&D Electric is extremely responsive to our needs and delivers quality service every time.”

Making sure Gainesville Harley-Davidson is never without lights and to provide the quickest possible response time, Bo Dudley said they sometimes may have 2 months of lighting stock readily available for whatever the showroom may need.

B&D lends their professional expertise to the Harley-Davidson showroom ensuring the best lighting possible.

“When they call we’re there that day, getting their lights back on, which means the world to their business and their goal of delivering the best possible showroom experience for their customers,” Dudley said.

Going above and beyond to meet and anticipate the needs of its clients, B&D Electric values all of their customers from individuals, to small businesses, to large corporations.

“We promise our clients that at the time we’re working with them we want them to feel like they’re our number one customer. We are committed to delivering fast, affordable service and that it’s done right the first time,” Dudley said.

Working with clients such as the City of Alachua, Santa Fe Kirkpatrick Police Training Facility and Capital City Bank, B&D Electric knows the key to customer satisfaction is treating their clients right.

“Our biggest thing in business is we want to be there for our customers whenever they need us, do the right thing, always make sure that we treat our customers with respect and try to ensure that we have them as our customers for the next 20 plus years,” Dudley said.

B&D Electric’s business mentality also flows over into its daily operations and the work ethic of its employees. Bo Dudley emphasizes the importance of his employees and the work they do to provide quality service to their clients and bettering the business overall.

“We have a lot of employees that have been here for a very long time. We have some employees that have been here the entire 18 years we’ve been in business,” Dudley said. “We value our employees and in return our employees do take care of the company. We couldn’t be who we are or continue to grow without the good employees that we have.”

Photography by B&D Electric


MAGEN BRUBAKER is a third-year journalism student at the University of Florida with a concentration in political science. When she’s not obsessing over her two dogs, she’s traveling with friends and dancing at music festivals. After graduation, Magen hopes to move to New York City and eventually write for Saturday Night Live.

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