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AxoGen Adds New Product to Aid Nerve Repair Surgery

Written By: Chris Eversole

Alachua-based AxoGen has added to its portfolio of tissue implant products – with the launch of the AviveTM Soft Tissue Membrane.

The new product, processed umbilical cord amniotic membrane, reduces inflammation and the development of scar tissue on injured nerves or surrounding soft tissue.

In the first use of the Avive, it helped surgeons at The Buncke Clinic in San Francisco repair a crushed forearm.

AxoGen developed Avive internally as the next innovation in the company’s growing portfolio of peripheral nerve repair implants.  They also provide advanced alternatives to surgeons when repairing injured nerves, compared to traditional methods, said company President and CEO Karen Zaderej.

“Providing surgeons with new solutions to some of the common challenges they experience in the treatment peripheral nerve damage continually strengthens our position as the preeminent company in field of nerve repair,” she said.

AxoGen, which is listed on Nasdaq, has experienced doubling its market value over the past year, Life Science Investing News noted. “AxoGen bills itself as the ‘only company focused on peripheral nerve repair solutions’—which would suggest it has somewhat of a monopoly,“ the publication said.

In a press release, AxoGen estimated the market for treatment of peripheral nerve repair at $1.8 billion annually.

MedCityNews recently profiled AxoGen’s success in attracting investors despite starting right before the Recession and noted, “the company is a treasure trove of lessons for how to creatively persevere through tough financial times.”

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