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  • Amy Meacham

    Amy Meacham is the founder and president of Xtraordinary Joy, a non-profit foundation along with her husband to fund research for ultra-rare chromosome disorders, like the ones affecting their three-year-old daughter. As president she plays a large role in planning fundraising events, building corporate partnerships and running our social media platforms to patient/family outreach, designing scientific strategy and creating informational material.

    “I am passionate about parenting my four children. This passion to help them reach their full potential was only exacerbated when our youngest child was diagnosed with such a rare disorder that it is necessary to get answers to her complex condition. When I discovered how many parents are searching for answers to their children’s own complex diagnoses, both the passion and drive to help merged.”

    Launching initiatives for never-before studied ultra-rare genetic disorders are no easy feat in a town committed to several community organizations. Meacham has had to exercise her creativity in her research to accomplish short and long-term goals. It’s not wonder that Helen Keller inspires her to help advocate and empower others to overcome their disabilities.

    “I feel I make the biggest impact when telling our story of faith that led us to not only adopting our daughter, but also starting a foundation to improve her health and life. Our story is rich with purpose and passion and profoundly touches others uniquely.”