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  • Adam Brewer

    Adam Brewer is the co-owner and operations specialist for Adam’s Rib Co. As a small business owner he has been involved in numerous nonprofit and volunteer events to support community development. He’s passionate about the children of Alachua county and much of his involvement in the nonprofit community is centered around this cause.

    “Personally, I see a need for the young people of this community and am concerned for their growth and want to help to shape them to be future contributing members of society. I work to be my best self and set an example for my sons and other children I work with in the community.”

    Brewer understands for personal growth and change for the greater good. He cited former President of Florida Food Service, Jim Islam, as a model example.

    “My success has humbled me and helped me to realize that hard work really does pay off,” Brewer said. “It has allowed me to be a leader and advocate for good business.”