7 Ways to Enhance Your Business’ Fiscal Fitness with Physical Fitness

Written By: Scott Costello

By Fitz Koehler

Studies show that employees who eat healthy and exercise regularly are more productive and effective than those who do not.

Would you say that a more energetic and increasingly productive workforce would benefit your business? Of course you would! Would you prefer that your employees take fewer sick days and cost less in regards to health care? Absolutely. I know these questions are no-brainers, but I ask them quite simply because investing in the actual health of our employees often goes ignored when trying to increase profits. The simple fact is, statistics prove that employees who pursue healthy eating and regular exercise are more productive and effective than those who do not. For example, after implementing a corporate wellness program, Hewlett Packard experienced a 200 percent increase in the number of transactions conducted on a daily basis and a 50 percent reduction in overtime. HP’s dedication to its employees’ health nearly doubled productivity.

Employees are not only more effective when supported by corporate wellness programs; they’re happier too. I love the feelings of gratitude oozing from the crowds when I speak for corporations or implement eight-week challenges. They’re excited to be given the luxury of someone helping with their struggles. Think about it—most adults we know wish they were slimmer or fitter. I walk in with answers, and staff members feel like it’s Christmas! This, in turn, makes them feel grateful and more content with their work. It’s a win-win. You’ve given them a bonus, and now they’re giving the company a bonus by producing more.

Fortunately, improving the health of your business or organization can be done fairly easily if you’re willing to invest a little dough, time and ingenuity.

  • Hire a corporate fitness expert qualified to take on such a task (not your average gym trainer). Employees need to know how to become fit and eat healthy before they can achieve anything. Look for a true professional with a high-level college degree in exercise and sports sciences or a related field, experience with a variety of demographics and plenty of time put in on a stage.
  • Kick things off with an exciting challenge. Get everyone involved, give them incentives and encourage them to set and achieve their own goals. Not everyone needs to lose weight; some folks just want to gain strength so they can get rid of back pain.
  • Encourage “Walk and Talk” meetings. Small meetings or brainstorming sessions can be done while walking around the building or down the block.
  • Take a break. Remember cigarette breaks? Gack! Replace those with fitness breaks. Encourage employees to take five to 10 minutes each day for strength training in the break room. One minute of push-ups, or a couple minutes doing lunges around the conference table each day is bound to yield great results.
  • Trade out junkie vending machine snacks and drinks for healthier choices. Waters, low-calorie beverages, trail mix or baked chips are better than Mountain Dew and candy bars.
  • Make sure any catered company functions include healthy choices. Doughnuts are a lazy move and you know it. Think fruits, salads, lean meats, beans or whole-wheat sandwiches. Nutritious and delicious options are endless if you seek them out.
  • Lead by example. When the boss is seen chomping on an apple and hosts regular “Walk and Talk” meetings, a culture of health is soon to follow.

By simply implementing these quick and easy steps into your corporate culture, you can simultaneously improve the productivity, health and overall performance of your employees—and your company.

Fitz Koehler, M.S.E.S.S, is a fitness expert who has taught around the globe for more than two decades. She is president of Fitzness International, which specializes in fitness education via mass media and fitness programming for children, Fitz has taught millions via TV, radio, books, magazines, seminars, corporate fitness presentations and through her online health and fitness magazine Email [email protected] to inquire about having Fitz speak at your next corporate event or implement a full-blown fitness challenge. 

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