April 2017 Innovate On The Cover

5 Apps To Simplify Your Life

Written By: Eric J. Poirier

It seems like every month there is a new fad for mobile apps. Whether it’s navigation apps like Waze soaring to the top charts or a new overly hyped exercise app hitting the App Store every week, different mobile applications go in and out of style the same way clothing fashion trends do.

The extreme popularity of mobile apps means that there are hundreds of new ones crowding the news every day, and this is why it can sometimes be difficult to weed out the really spectacular apps from ones that are mediocre, malfunctioning or just plain inefficient.

Maybe you’re someone who only likes to have three apps on the front of your phone (Android or iPhone) at any time. Perhaps you have over 100 apps downloaded because you like to stay on top of the trends. Whatever the case, I decided to pick the brains of my team to discover what apps they claim are surefire winners that should be added to everyone’s lineup.

At Atmosphere Apps, we deal with everything when it comes to appbuilding. From start to finish, we are immersed in the development process every day, which I believe gives us the best experience there is with the App Store. Whether you’re looking for something to improve your business, take a moment for some personal relaxation or get organized, this list is a fitting arsenal to start with.


Spreadsheets are a lifesaver when it comes to crunching numbers quickly for your business, but sometimes, they can be complicated to work with. Soulver is the calculator to beat all calculators, giving you all the power of a spreadsheet but with the simplicity of everyday calculator functions. Soulver lets you use texting and English words rather than specific function commands, making it easier for you to describe your number problems more effectively.

Finding the best plane deals is always a pain, but Hopper simplifies the process. Not only does the app let you find options, compare prices, and book flights from your phone, but it also tells you when the prices are the lowest and the optimal times to buy. Hopper made a flight home to Florida from Utah on a snowy night a lot less of a hassle, and it’s free of ads and pop-ups.

If you’re like me, you always use a series of lists to keep track of all the different cogs and wheels turning in your business. Todoist has been a great way to keep track of all my lists at once, all in one place. The app helps you manage multiple lists and projects, streamlines task management with multiple people and has a clutter-free aesthetic design. Recently, Todoist announced that the app is now also compatible with Google Assistant.

For anyone who appreciates a pleasing visual aesthetic in game apps, Two Dots is the one for you. The free app is a thought-provoking puzzle game that is free to play, taking you on an adventure through beautifully crafted minimalist landscapes complete with power-ups, obstacles and trick levels. The app updates continuously with new levels and intriguing new challenges, including a weekly treasure hunt and daily giveaways for free regenerations. Playing Two Dots always feels like a momentary escape from reality into a calming, simpler world.

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ERIC POIRIER is CEO and co-founder of Atmosphere Apps, a Gainesville-based mobile app development company that has been successfully developing mobile software since 2001. Since then, Atmosphere has developed over 150 mobile apps on nine different mobile platforms for clients worldwide. Eric is a graduate of the University of Florida and enjoys raising his family in Gainesville. atmosphereapps.com

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