Staccie Allen

Staccie Allen
Regional Director of Med-Trans Corporation

Describe your role as the Regional Director of Med Trans?

As a Regional Strategic Operations Director for Med-Trans Corporation, I am responsible for the medical and strategic operations of 16 air ambulance bases in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. My responsibilities include personnel management, business development, strategic planning, fiscal planning and evaluation and special projects. 

Transporting patients in varying levels of critical conditions can be challenging. How do you ensure patient care midair or during rapid transportation?

Med-Trans Corporation partners with leading health care organizations like University of Florida Health throughout the United States to develop premier highly skilled teams capable of delivering top-quality intensive patient care in rotor and fixed-wing environments.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? What is the most interesting and why?

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I have the opportunity to be part of a team that is potentially making a life-saving difference in a patient’s or family’s life every single day. The most interesting part of my job is that without fail, I encounter a new question, patient care situation or unique challenge every day. It truly demands consistent high-quality performance, and quite frankly, I love the adrenaline rush.

Describe your leadership style. How do you tackle challenges?

I tend to follow a transformational leadership style. It is very important to me to inspire my co-workers and staff by leading with a collectively developed vision. Having sound foundational knowledge is extremely important for exceptional adaptability, which is the key to success in overcoming challenges. When making difficult decisions, I rely on patient-centered values, safety guidelines and initiatives, employee input and organizational goals to guide me.  

What do you think your strengths are and how have you identified them?

I am a strong multitasker and understand the necessity and importance of reprioritization. I see incredible value in engaging the team to identify potential solutions with each problem and try to incorporate this same philosophy in my daily life. I am highly motivated to make a positive difference in each and every work product, and I have no problem putting the needs and recognition of the team first.

How have your setbacks and weaknesses made you stronger?

Each and every setback that I have encountered has given me the opportunity to step back and reflect, and it is during these moments that I have encountered the most growth in my life. It is incredible how much you can learn from a situation when you take the time to look at it from multiple vantage points. Most importantly, I have learned patience and humility, and assertiveness – backed by valid data – versus aggressiveness, which are critical characteristics of a successful leader.  

How do you define what it means to be a fierce woman?

To me, being a fierce woman means to be always willing to work hard and fight for what you believe in with a contagious and powerful intensity. Never be afraid to ask the question because you may not get the opportunity later, and look for balance or a common foundation in everything.