Mary Chase

Mary Chase
Media Consultant for Cox Media

Describe your role as a media consultant for Cox Media. Your job requires communication between a wide diverse group of people, how do you persuade someone to understand your cause? 

As a Cox Media consultant, I interact with countless local and regional businesses operating in Gainesville and Ocala. I create cohesive marketing plans using the 55 plus cable networks and vast digital platform of Cox Media. I take a very consultative approach in learning my clients’ businesses and the unique internal and external challenges they face in reaching their marketing objectives. My goal is to help them leverage the power and reach of the Cox brand and our breadth of offerings to increase their brand awareness and sales targets. My role is very much being a partner in helping my clients expand their businesses and the relationships I build with them are the most important part of my job. Long-term relationships present the opportunity to build the trust and confidence that I need in challenging my clients to try new programs as to keep pace in an ever changing, competitive market. Finally, I see myself as an ambassador of the Cox Media brand in Gainesville and enjoy being involved in the community through my participation with various local non-profits, children’s groups and the Chamber of Commerce. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

The most rewarding part of my job is watching local businesses thrive and grow throughout the community. Knowing I played a part in helping them reach their goals is truly satisfying. There are many places a business can choose to spend their marketing dollars, which is why relationship building and trust is such an important aspect of my job. I greatly appreciate the trust they put in me, and I will continue to work hard every day to strengthen it. 

How do you tackle challenges when they arise? 

Throughout my life I have learned that the only thing that guarantees we will fail in rising up to challenges is to fail to try. Often, things can seem completely overwhelming, and the easy reflex is to give in. During those times, I try to take a step back and remind myself that every problem has a solution and no obstacle is insurmountable. 

What do you think your strengths are and how did you identify them? 

My greatest strength in life is a sincere and compassionate care for people. I grew up in a close-knit Irish Catholic, New England family whom I adored. I gravitated toward sales quickly out of college and found success, not through high-pressure tactics, but through relationship building and taking a sincere interest in my clients’ successes. I continue today to take great pride in playing small roles in helping others, whether it is through work, a friend in need or people in the community. 

How have your setbacks and weaknesses made you stronger?

I lost my mom three years and one month ago, which undoubtedly proved to be the biggest setback in my life. She was my greatest fan, best friend and someone I could never live without! Being faced with that kind of loss was hard to overcome … it was not easy! And while I don’t ever expect to arrive at a point where I’m alright with the fact that my mom is gone, I know that I am so, so lucky to have loved and been loved that much by anyone, and that is what makes me strong!

How do you define what it means to be a fierce woman? 

There are so many times in life when you are challenged and nothing seems to be going right. It can be a stressful work situation, financial constraint, or a problem that you just can’t solve. It is times like these where you have a simple choice. A choice between saying I can’t do this and packing it in or the choice of fighting through for a better outcome … It is at this time where you show you are strong, you show you are driven; you show you are fierce. 

“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss and have found their way out of the depths.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross