• Leanna Iacobellis

    Leanna Iacobellis
    Business Development Manager at Regis HR Group

    Describe your role as Business Development Manager at Regis HR Group?

    I was fortunate to open and expand our services to the greater Gainesville area! We saw the need for our services for the multiple small businesses in this area, and this is where I was able to help. In knowing the community and needs, I looked for businesses that would be great matches for our business. In addition, I am certified in human resources, and therefore able to help those businesses in their day to day needs to assist employees.

    How would you describe your work ethic and work method?

    I don’t stop. I probably get bothered more than my clients when I don’t respond right away or don’t have the answer immediately! I’m super organized in that I create an Excel document for literally everything, but this keeps me on track since I’m typically going in multiple different directions at once.

    Communication plays a large part in your job. How do you facilitate consistent and effective communication among coworkers?

    Being in the Human Resources industry, I know how pertinent communication is to everything. Be it my clients or co-workers, I try to make myself consistently available as not everyone has the same schedule. As a company based out of Miami, it was important to learn the best methods for communication i.e. some people prefer email whereas others would prefer a phone call. My method of communication is less important than that of my client or co-worker if I’m trying to get things accomplished.

    What do you think your strengths are and how did you identify them?

    I’m an odd mix of a book-worm nerdy and personable. People often develop stereotypes or people in certain industries. Being that I majored in marketing, finance, and human resources, I find that I am able to communicate with multiple different people.

    How have your setbacks and weaknesses made you stronger?

    Sometimes I feel that I try and take on too much at once instead of focusing on one item. It’s difficult to be everything to everyone, so it helps to plan out my day. Instead of bouncing around on tasks and forgetting something, I try and dedicate specific time to each task. I also try to step out of my comfort zone whenever possible. When I get stagnant in what I am doing, I like to try something I wouldn’t typically try to help me grow as a person.

    What advice would you give to your younger self?

    Develop the relationships with people you meet. You never know who may be the one to help you close that first big deal or be that inspiration you need to keep going on a difficult task.

    How do you define what it means to be a fierce woman?

    I don’t see boundaries when it comes to work and growth. The ceiling is where I want it to be and where I set my mind to. A fierce woman in my mind does not give up and continues to strive toward their goals and dreams.