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2017 Cade Museum’s 8th Annual Inventivity Bash Winner Announced

Written By: Erica Brown

Gainesville, FL – Cellvana Biotechnology from Tampa, Florida is the winner of the 8th Annual $50,000 Cade Museum Prize awarded for their non-destructive innovative rapid cell culture technology. This rapid cell culture technology is intended for the development of cancer therapies which require the use of cultured cells. Alina Ruta, Founder and CEO, accepted the award for Cellvana Biotechnology which is an affiliate member of the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator at the University of South Florida.

The prize was awarded on Thursday, October 27th in the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention’s spectacular new building in Gainesville, Florida during the Cade’s Third Annual Inventivity Bash presented by RTI Surgical.  In addition to the cash grant, provided by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida, the winner received $10,000 of legal services from the law firm of Saliwanchik, Lloyd and Eisenchenk.   Each of the three runners up for the prize will receive $2500 in legal fees.

The Inventivity Bash, the gala fundraiser for the Museum, was a fun and fanciful evening including activities illustrating the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Sequence, local craft brew from First Magnitude and specialty cocktails featuring the local distillery FishHawk Spirits. The event also served as a public celebration of the near completion of the innovative and awe-inspiring Cade Museum building designed by GWWO architects and built by Oehlrich Construction.

About the Cade Museum: In 2004, Dr. James Robert Cade and his family established the Cade Museum Foundation to design and build a museum in Gainesville, Florida. The mission of the museum is to transform communities by inspiring and equipping future inventors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. A physician at the University of Florida (UF), Dr. Cade was best known as the leader of the research team that invented Gatorade for the UF football team in 1965.

The Cade Museum is scheduled to open in Spring 2018. For more information, please visit our website, or contact Stephanie Bailes at 352-219-7500.

The Cade Prize Contestants were:

From Tampa, Cellvana Biotechnology has developed an ingeniously simple way to speed up research on rare diseases and other illnesses by making drug testing faster, cheaper, and better.

From Orlando, HyCarb has figured out how to harvest graphene from recyclable materials and, using nanotechnology, create much more powerful batteries.

Also from Orlando, Sensatek has invented a way to measure the surface temperature inside turbines in real time using ceramic wireless devices.  This increases the efficiency and lowers the cost of everything from gas turbines to jet engines.

Finally, Rain Neuro Morphics from Gainesville has come up with a microchip inspired by the parallel processing we see in biological brains.  The chip dramatically speeds up Artificial Intelligence processing and makes it cheaper at the same time.

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention | 904 S. Main Street | Gainesville | FL | 32601

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