• 2016 Impact Winner: Tyler Staab

    Tyler Staab

    Tyler Staab’s leadership has helped galvanize a community behind a worldwide cause and has helped develop better care and treatment for dystonia. Tyler has done all this while suffering from Dystonia. He struggles to communicate, move, and complete basic functions. He can inspire whole communities to get support his cause.

    “My greatest accomplishment to date has been graduating high school,” said Staab. He struggles with dystonia daily and it is hard to write, sit still and talk at times. “Getting my diploma was amazing and it proved to me that all of my hard work in school finally paid off. It was worth all of the daily struggles that my body gave me in the end.”

    He is passionate about finding a cure for dystonia. He constantly spreads awareness about foundation Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure.

    Get to Know Tyler:

    What is your go-to coffee order?

    Java Chip Frappuccino with an extra shot!

    Who had the biggest impact on your life?

    My father.