• 2016 Impact Winner: Svein Dyrkolbotn

    Svein Dyrkolbotn

    Svein Dyrkolbotn, principal of Viking Companies, is responsible for the Celebration Pointe Bridge over I-75 that will open in late October. It will be the first interstate overpass to have been built in Alachua County since I-75 was constructed. The Bridge will solve traffic and congestion issues by providing an alternative to the heavily traveled Archer Road corridor.

    “I think that Celebration Pointe, as well as other projects I have built and will build, change Gainesville for the better to improve our quality of life,” said Dyrkolbotn. 

    Dyrkolbton is on the UF Bergstrom School of Real Estate Board, the board of directors of Oak Hall School and is a member of the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce.

    Get to Know Svein:

    What is your go-to coffee order?

    Black. Bold. Starbucks.

    Who had the biggest impact on your life?

    Probably the dad that I stayed with when I came to America. Other than my Mom, of course. I would kind of consider him my American family.