• 2016 Impact Winner: Jason Hurst

    Jason Hurst

    Jason Hurst, associate director at Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group, represented some concepts in real estate deals that opened up their first locations in Alachua County and created job opportunities including TapeSouth, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Sunbelt Rentals and Charlie Graingers.

    “Being in real estate, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help fuel and nurture growth by bringing in concepts and businesses that create jobs, expose us to new ideas and create a better quality of life for this generation and others to come,” Hurst said.

    In 2016, he served as a Task Force member with the Envision Alachua movement, served on the Board of the Salvation Army, served on the Core team for Leadercast Gainesville and sat on the real estate steering committee for The Rock School.  He is currently chair of the INVESTED community partnership committee for Front Street commercial real estate group which donates 10% of Front Street’s revenue to cause-related, nonprofit organizations in the areas of education, community development, health and leadership. He also took part in several mission trips to Louisiana and the Dominican Republic.

    Get to Know Jason:

    What is your go-to coffee order?

    Cafe Americano with a splash of steamed coconut milk.

    Who had the biggest impact on your life?

    My father and wife.