• 2016 Impact Winner: Jane Adams

    Jane Adams

    “A great university and a great college town go hand in hand,” said Jane Adams. As vice president of University Relations at the University of Florida, her primary goal is to increase awareness and advance the stature of the University of Florida, and thereby elevate the reputation of Gainesville. Her team received more than $65 million in state funding to recruit outstanding faculty to Gainesville and renovate and repair campus facilities in 2016.  These funds, along with previous state appropriations for the preeminence program, have created 100 high-paying positions in Gainesville and attracted some of the nation’s top researchers and educators to our community. 

    Adams sits on the board for the Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, the Gainesville Council for Economic and Oak Hammock at the University of Florida. She is also a member of the Florida Department of Transportation I-75 Relief Task Force and the Gainesville Women’s Forum.

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