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Freedom in Motion Launched

Written By: Alyssa Brown

What is Freedom in Motion?

Freedom in Motion is a first-of-its kind, Uber app-based, ride-on-demand program for seniors being piloted in Gainesville. Eligible, enrolled Gainesville seniors will be able to request transportation in minutes to select locations using the Freedom in Motion payment account through the Uber app.


Who can use Freedom in Motion?

Freedom in Motion has been created exclusively for Gainesville seniors ages 60 and older. During the pilot program, Freedom in Motion will be available to seniors who are residents of the 400 Building or Turkey Creek Forest.


How can eligible seniors access Freedom in Motion, and how does it work?

Eligible seniors may enroll in Freedom in Motion on September 15 by contacting ElderCare of Alachua County to participate in the program and receive subsidized transportation services. After enrolling, the service is accessible via the Uber mobile application that seniors can download onto an iPhone, Android or other smartphone. Via the Uber mobile app, seniors who reside in the 400 Building on NW 1st St. or Turkey Creek Forest can use the Freedom in Motion account to request rides. When seniors request a ride, the Uber app will use the phone’s GPS to detect their location and connect them with the nearest available driver.


How much does Freedom in Motion cost?

Because Uber provides safe, affordable transportation options and the Freedom in Motion rides are further subsidized by the City of Gainesville, the service can be much more affordable for eligible seniors than traditional means of senior transportation. No cash is needed to ride through Freedom in Motion. Once enrolled seniors arrive at their destination, an account established by ElderCare will be billed. A copay between $1 and $5, and payable via debit or credit card, may apply for seniors who use the program. The copay may be lower or waived for some seniors based on income.


Can seniors who do not have smartphones use the service?

Eligible, enrolled seniors will be provided a limited capacity smartphone through which they can access Freedom in Motion through the Uber app, as well as call 911 and other critical contacts.


Is Freedom in Motion safe?

Taking a ride through Freedom in Motion is as safe as other traditional means of senior transportation.


How is riding Freedom in Motion different than riding in a taxi?

Instead of calling Freedom in Motion on the phone the way they typically would call for a taxicab, seniors use the Uber mobile application to request a ride. Also, the drivers transport riders in their personal vehicles instead of a company-owned taxicab. Using Freedom in Motion through the Uber app, riders can track the driver’s location on the map while they wait to be picked up, and see the driver’s identity before getting into the vehicle. Finally, because Freedom in Motion rides are booked through the Uber app and further subsidized by the City of Gainesville, the service is will be a very affordable transportation option for seniors compared to traditional services.


Who runs Freedom in Motion?

Freedom in Motion is made possible in this area by a partnership among ride-sharing company Uber, the City of Gainesville, ElderCare of Alachua County, and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.


How do I provide feedback about my experience with Freedom in Motion?

After each trip, seniors can rate their experience and leave additional feedback about drivers directly through the Uber application.



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