Chris Wells

Written By: Sophia Karnegis

cwIMPACT Profile
Chris Wells serves as the director of the United Way Small Business Partner program, a program that enables local small businesses to financially contribute to charities. She developed the program to facilitate donations to the United Way Community Investment Fund, which supports the work of 32 local nonprofits such as Peaceful Paths, Catholic Charities, Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County, The Salvation Army, St. Francis House, Girls Place and ElderCare. Wells’ program has made a huge impact on the community, but she doesn’t list the program as a personal achievement because “so many other people believe in it and support it,” she said. In the span of one year, the Small Business Partner program has increased the Community Investment Fund by about 15 percent — and Wells is not stopping there.

Greatest IMPACT
Although admitting to countless mistakes during parenting, Wells believes her greatest accomplishments are her three children. In addition, she is proud of the Small Business Partner program she started because of the way it has served the community thus far.

IMPACT Passion
Wells is very passionate about helping others; this includes people, animals and “pretty much any living thing that’s broken and needs to be rescued.”

IMPACT Expectations
According to Wells, the Greater Gainesville business community is a dynamic place with immense diversity. She expects Gainesville to continue growing as it utilizes local talent and recruits new members to The Swamp.

Surprise IMPACT
Wells can recite all the lyrics to “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Wicked” from memory. She also owns both soundtracks on CD. She would even consider singing a show tune for those who donate to the United Way of North Central Florida.


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